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Пройдя этот тест до конца, вы сможете узнать свой уровень английского языка

Тест абсолютно бесплатный, и любой желающий может его пройти

1. Вопрос:I a student.

2. Вопрос:He like apples.

3. Вопрос:She three children.

4. Вопрос:I’m swimming. What doing?

5. Вопрос: she play tennis every day?

6. Вопрос: some books on the table.

7. Вопрос:There isn’t vegetables in the fridge.

8. Вопрос: they play football?

9. Вопрос:What are you doing at the moment? I a magazine.

10. Вопрос:Do you like to music?

11. Вопрос:I to the cinema last week.

12. Вопрос:Sue to buy a new flat on Monday.

13. Вопрос:Tom this comedy.

14. Вопрос:Why yesterday?

15. Вопрос:Jack is good at physics but Mary is .

16. Вопрос:I’ve been living in this apartment last autumn.

17. Вопрос:I this cake for three hours.

18. Вопрос:Paul doesn’t like skating and .

19. Вопрос:She visit her sister in London but she doesn’t anymore.

20. Вопрос:I was late for a train yesterday, so I for another train for two hours.

21. Вопрос:I TV last night when she called.

22. Вопрос:I to your city on business.

23. Вопрос:If I were you, smoking and drinking so much.

24. Вопрос:The bank last night. The robbers took all the money.

25. Вопрос:Unless hard, he will not get a promotion.

26. Вопрос:She liked that dress, ?

27. Вопрос:I tried hard my documents done in time.

28. Вопрос:After the newspaper he was back to his breakfast.

29. Вопрос:When I came to the office, the boss .

30. Вопрос:I ask her for a dance next Sunday.

31. Вопрос:If she this before, we would have escaped many problems.

32. Вопрос:You the rules before you did the test!

33. Вопрос:I knocked at the door but nobody opened. He out.

34. Вопрос:If I have checked my bag, I forgotten my passport.

35. Вопрос:By the beginning of the next month she from her long journey.

36. Вопрос:I’m thinking out with John this Saturday.

37. Вопрос:Would you mind the window?

38. Вопрос:He ate all the food left in the kitchen. He very hungry.

39. Вопрос: five dollars to buy some food.

40. Вопрос:I’ve been watching this video .

41. Вопрос:I’m looking forward you again.

42. Вопрос:In spite of rich, he looked like an ordinary man.

43. Вопрос:She suffers his absence more than she expected.

44. Вопрос:I wish I that.

45. Вопрос:Providing that with Ann, he will be a married man in a year.

8 (903) 038-45-03

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